Trail status :
Trail status
Sunday, February 25, the icy trails are in their optimal condition. Snowshoes and animal park included. See you soon!


Dogs accepted

Les chiens sont les bienvenus à l’intérieur comme à l’extérieur, en échange d’un don libre à faire sur place. L’argent collecté est intégralement remis à Action entraide communautaire de Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel.

Ils doivent demeurés en laisse et sous le contrôle de leur maître en tout temps, et bien sûr vous devez ramasser leurs déjections!

Food service

We have a restaurant on the Domaine where you’ll find snack-type dishes, as well as soups, spaghetti, club sandwiches and more. In winter, La petite mijote is a small outdoor trailer serving grilled-cheese, doughnuts, hot chocolate and more.

Picnic tables are set up outside, and you can bring your own lunch.

And since your ticket is valid for the day, you can eat outside and come back to skate afterwards!


We have plenty of FREE parking.

At present, we have no electrical outlets. Sockets are available at the Hôtel de Ville (3860, rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville) and the library (3991, rue Mgr Béliveau) in Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel.

It is possible to park an RV, but only to come to the Domaine and not to stay overnight.

Heated buildings and toilets

To enjoy the icy trails, you don’t put on your skates in the parking lot, but in heated buildings where you can leave your gear.

We also have toilets in one of the buildings and dry toilets outside (please note that there is no soap or water in the dry toilets, due to the cold).

Please note that access for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs is possible, although we do not have official certification.

Equipment rental

In winter, we offer a rental service for skates, snowshoes, sleds, grab bars and helmets. We also offer a skate sharpening service and locker room rental. You can also buy crampons, flashlights, hand warmers and foot warmers. These are available at the Pro-Shop, but cannot be reserved.

We have plenty of skates and sleds, but please note that we cannot guarantee that your size will be available when you visit. We have skates for men and women, up to size 12.


Location de cabanes chauffées

Our buildings are accessible to put on your skates and warm up, but we also have heated cabins available to rent for the day at a cost of $58, taxes included.

These are rustic cabins, equipped only with tables and benches, and heated with wood. They are located at the end of the trails, next to our animals’ pens. The cabins can accommodate from 8 to 20 people.

Reservations must be made at least one day in advance, by telephone at (819)378-5946. Payment is by credit card when you reserve by phone.

We advise you to remember to bring a padlock to lock your cabin when skating, to prevent visitors from being tempted to warm up in it too!

Local produce store

Find in our shop our honey and mealworm products, as well as products from partners (maple, alpaca wool, handmade soaps, etc.) depending on availability.

We have two types of honey: liquid honey and churned honey, which is the same honey, stirred to be creamier and spreadable.

Our honey is a “wildflower honey,” meaning it comes from bees foraging in various fields and gardens. It is 100% pure honey, without added sugar or water, and produced in an artisanal manner.

When it is dark, it means the bees have foraged a lot in the nearby buckwheat fields!

You can explore the world of bees through the activities offered in the summer: [Discover the World of Bees](



The mealworm is actually the larva of an insect, the mealworm beetle. Raising it and producing dried worms or mealworm flour is an alternative to the meat-based diet we know, providing a protein intake much less resource-intensive for the planet. More information here: [Discover the Mealworm](

Why is a “farm product” included in my ticket?

The Enchanting Domain is located on agricultural land, operated by the Lost Forest Domain and protected as such by the Law on the Protection of Territory and Agricultural Activities (enforced by the CPTAQ). Thus, we are allowed to let our customers walk the trails and enjoy recreational activities, provided they support agricultural production. This law helps regulate agrotourism activities and prevent agricultural land from being used for other purposes. More info:

So when you come to the Enchanting Domain, you are not just coming to skate, see the animals, or do the aerial course. You are making a strong gesture. You contribute to the preservation of bee colonies and, by extension, to the pollination of crops, the same crops that allow you to enjoy delicious products from Quebec farms.

In other words, by buying honey or mealworms produced by the Lost Forest Domain, which operates these agricultural lands, you support us, and as a thank you, we allow you access to the Domain. That’s why you can’t come to the Domain without buying a local product.

So, you spend a beautiful day outdoors, in a pleasant and unique setting, and on top of that, you can taste our delicious honey, 100% pure honey, sold only at the Domain.


You understand the principle, are ready to support us, but wonder why the local product included in the entrance fee is $9?

It’s important to know that beekeeping is an expensive and risky activity. In addition to diseases and poor winter conditions that can decimate a colony in a single winter (as was the case in 2020-2021), artisanal honey extraction and potting – not industrial – involve significant operating costs. The Lost Forest Domain is a small, family-run, local operation that ensures seasonal production from our fields, without additives. Thanks to the activities of the Enchanting Domain, it provides year-round and permanent employment for several people, contributing to the vitality and development of the region.

Furthermore, to ensure that your experience is renewed year after year, we are constantly developing new activities and facilities. The Enchanting Domain is a unique and original place, recognized throughout Quebec and internationally. We maintain 15 km of ice trails with a Zamboni, a snowshoe trail, an animal park, ropes course tracks, and interpretation activities, as well as accommodation.

The Lost Forest Domain and the Enchanting Domain are also heavily involved in their community. An “open house” activity takes place every year to allow local families, especially those in need, to enjoy the Domain. We also welcome a large number of students from all over Quebec who come to discover the world of bees and support their preservation. Not to mention various social sponsorships and involvements, of course.

We hope these words have helped you better understand our activities and how we operate. Coming to the Enchanting Domain is experiencing something unique, sharing emotions and thrills, creating lasting memories, supporting local businesses, and getting involved for a better future for our planet. For all of this, THANK YOU!